Home Learning Explained

Home Learning Explained

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What is Home Learning?

Home Learning provides students with a more flexible option of study away from the classroom environment that allows learners to complete a course from the comfort of their own home. Learners are able to work through their course materials, carry out additional research and complete assignments in their own time and at their own pace.  Distance learning allows learners to develop their knowledge and further their education by completing a course around a busy lifestyle.

The Benefits of Home Learning

Home learning is becoming an increasingly popular choice over more traditional educational routes and there are many positives as to why an individual may choose to study via distance learning.


Due to the increase in university tuition fees in 2012, institutions are now able to charge up to £9000 per student per year.  As a result of this, distance Learning is becoming an increasingly popular method of study over the more traditional routes.  As home learning courses now tend to be in a more reasonable price range than classroom taught sessions, this has become an affordable learning method and is extremely cost-effective.   The flexibility of home learning allows you to study around work if you are in employment and also eliminates the need to commute to and from classes.  Many distance learning providers also offer affordable instalment plans which make the option of education a realistic possibility for everyone!


There are an impressive selection of distance learning courses available that can be applied to a great number of interests and industries.  Courses are available for all levels and abilities with types of courses including IGCSEs, A Levels, QCF Qualifications, Diplomas, and even Degree level courses.

The range of subject area can also vary with courses spanning both interest and employment related topics.  Some of the most popular subject areas include Child care and Teaching Assistant, Criminology and Forensics, Business and Genealogy.  With the choice available you are sure to find a home learning course to suit your needs!


With home learning you are not bound by the constraints of the classroom as there is no need to attend taught classes and meet strict deadlines.  You can work through a distance learning programme in your own time and create your own deadlines to work to, within the timeframe of the course.  Home Learning means that you are truly in control of your own learning as you are easily able to plan your studies around your own schedule.

A distance learning course allows you to study where you want when you want which with today’s fast paced lifestyle is an appealing option to many!

Social Interaction

Learners may be wary that with a home learning course you do not have the face to face interaction with the teacher and fellow students that is usually attached to learning.  However many distance learning providers also offer student forums which allows for learners to share their experiences and discuss topics!  With the steady increase in online networking there is the option for online social interaction with other distance learners from different locations across the UK, whilst maintaining a busy lifestyle.

You can feel confident that you will receive all the support you need while completing your course.  Many courses have dedicated tutors available by email at any time, so you are not restricted to waiting for your next class to receive guidance and support.

Is Home Learning Suitable for me?

Completing a course via distance learning can be a suitable option for all due to the range of courses available.  A home learning course can be the ideal solution for many individuals of all ages, from working mums, to school and college leavers who maybe did not get the results they were hoping for or who do not do not want to follow the typical educational routes.  Home Learning is also perfect for those who are looking to fit completing a course into a busy lifestyle but cannot find the time to attend traditional classes.  Many distance learning students are in full or part time employment and are looking to progress within their current job role or change careers completely.  A home learning course makes the option of furthering your education easily accessible to everyone!

Helpful Tips

The first step when considering a distance learning course is to decide what type of programme you are looking for, for example, whether you looking for a course purely for interest or for one that is connected to your career.  Home Learning providers often have a full course listing available through their website.

Many different distance learning providers offer a wide variety of courses at different levels and in a range of subject areas.  If you are unsure of any of the information speak with a course advisor for further guidance before choosing your course.

When you have decided on a course and are ready to start work create an action plan to follow to keep yourself motivated and on track.

If you find you are struggling with your work, utilise your tutor support.  Most distance learning courses include tutor support by email and sometimes phone, so there is no need to feel isolated during your studies.

Finally, remember to enjoy your learning experience!

Still not sure if Home Learning is for you?

Many people may feel a little daunted at the prospect of completing a course from home with remote tutor support.  If you’re still not convinced whether home learning is suitable for you, review sites such as Review Centre and Trustpilot can give you a great insight into other students’ experience of distance learning and the service offered from different distance learning providers.

Nick Cooper
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