Global Warming – Is It Really a Problem? (Infographic)

Global Warming – Is It Really a Problem? (Infographic)

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There are ‘climate change deniers’. A small minority of people who, in the face of overwhelming evidence, maintain that climate change is a conspiracy theory, something that is not happening.

Most psychologists believe that deniers do so because it affects their social and/or economic position in the world. Hence, oil barons don’t want people buying solar panels or electric cars for obvious reasons.

A Real Problem?

There are issues that need to be explained – why are sea levels rising, for example or the polar ice caps thinning and disappearing? – and scientists believe they know the answers.

But maybe for too long, we have assumed that alternative energy is unreliable and sporadic. And yet, many countries have, for decades, been tapping into renewable resources of energy.

Iceland and Sweden have long kept their homes warm by using the heat of the earth beneath their feet. And not all countries have a problem with excessive packaging on their food stuffs.

Learning From Each Other

The important aspect of understanding climate change, and what we need to do to slow the steady march of the damage we and past generations have caused, is to learn from each other.

That means looking at what other countries do and what we need to do to change. It means understanding the arguments for and against some of the steps to be taken.

Are you ready to be part of the global dialogue? Are you ready to do your bit? If you’d like to learn more about the environment, then have a look at the environmental courses that we have on offer.

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Gloabal Warming - Is it really a problem

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