Featured Course – Plan Your Own Wedding

Featured Course – Plan Your Own Wedding

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We are well underway with the 2014 wedding season, with couples tying the knot at a variety of venues up and down the country. There are a number of reasons why a bride may opt to organise a wedding rather than bringing in the help of a wedding planner. Whether it be keeping down the cost, or simply not trusting anyone else to organise your special day, the fact still remains you will have a monumental list of tasks to address. For many the main problem is having an understanding of everything that is available to you as well as finding the right options for your wedding.

The NCC Plan your own Wedding Course delves deep into the aspects that will contribute to your dream wedding. Venue, photography, ceremony and catering are all covered in this course as well as a module looking at creating your own personal task list and action plan. The general areas to be covered initially in your action plan are items such as the overall wedding budget, insurances, possible dates, themes, numbers, ceremony style, venues and caterers.

Planning a wedding can be a huge stress and NCC aim to provide you with sufficient knowledge to feel comfortable enough to plan your wedding with confidence and style.

Take a look at the full course Here.

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