Evolution of DNA in Criminology (Infographic)

Evolution of DNA in Criminology (Infographic)

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Unravelling DNA

When we build something, we have a plan to follow. When we want to try out a new product or piece of equipment, we follow the instructions. A blueprint is a plan we need to create something.

As humans, we come with a blueprint. Except, we only discovered ours in the mid-20th Century and are yet to completely unravel its mysteries. DNA is the building block of all life on earth, including how and why we are shaped as we are.

It is why some of us have green eyes and some of us brown. It explains why some people are tall but others of us are short. Why some of us tan easily, but others of us burn.

These small cells contain vital information that build us into the people we are.

DNA and Crime

As we move through our daily lives, we leave behind traces of DNA – it could be globule of spit, a stray hair or a drop of sweat.

At a crime scene, unless you act in a ‘forensically clean’ way, you will leave behind a clue to your identity.

But how do scientists decode the clues that are left behind? Research into DNA, and our ability to unravel its mysteries is growing, little by little.

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Evolution Of DNA in Criminology

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