Event Planning Tips for the Colder Months of the Year

Event Planning Tips for the Colder Months of the Year

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Take a look at our event planning tips for the winter months

As the winter months set in, it really is important that you adjust your event planning ideas to suit the season. A great deal of hard work and attention to detail goes into the successful organisation of an event. There are three key areas which you will need to take into consideration when planning an event at this time of year. These factors include:

1) The Weather – this will have a huge impact on the activity you organise, especially with the typical British weather. This may resort in you having to plan your event indoors, but this certainly does not mean you can’t have as much fun! There are loads of activities that you can plan during the colder months, whether you decide to keep it indoors or venture out and brave the cold. Your client may like to do something simple like go ice skating or bowling, or you may find yourself organising a special occasion such as a big wedding or birthday bash! If you are planning an outdoor event there are always ways of keeping your guests warm through the use of heat lamps etc. Whatever the purpose for the event, clients can be assured that the organisation of their event is in your event management company’s hands.

2) Dress Code – As the colder weather sets in, we all dress for whatever the occasion may be. It is always a good idea to mention on your invitations of any recommended attire or what the venue will be like for example bring a coat/ umbrella/ old shoes for muddy paths etc.
This sort of advice is always appreciated! There is nothing worse than turning up to an activity with the wrong clothing/ footwear.

3) Colour Scheme – as soon as the winter months are upon us, we tend to use colours that we neglect throughout the summer. Colours can be adjusted to meet the theme of the event for example use of deeper shades can be used for napkins or furniture etc. It is the role of the Event Manager to ensure the smooth running of the occasion, and to overcome any issues that may arise during the organisation of the event, as well as any problems that may occur during the event itself. You must be able to work well under pressure and think on your feet. So if you think you have the ambition and drive to succeed, then this could be the ideal career for you!

NCC Home Learning offer an Event Management programme which is reasonably priced from £272. This is the perfect course for anyone who would like to learn more about how to effectively plan and execute an event.

Nick Cooper
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