What is Distance Learning?

What is Distance Learning?

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Distance Learning is a term used to describe a method of learning where you; the learner, are not physically required to be ‘onsite’ to be guided through learning materials. Learners and tutors will use methods such as email and telephone to communicate, with you deciding how, when and where you learn.

NCC Home Learning gives you the flexibility to complete our programmes as quickly or as slowly as is convenient for you. To make this possible, our learning programmes have been written and prepared in such a way that it enables you to take control over these decisions.  NCC Home Learning also have a varied range of e-learning courses available to complement our full portfolio of distance learning courses.

Distance Learning allows you to develop the personal confidence and independence needed for success. Once you have become familiar with your distance learning course materials and you feel you know your way around the programme, then it is time to put together your own personal study plan to help you decide how best to study. We would advise that you write down your plan to assist you in following your timetable.

Although our distance learning course guides are primarily aimed at the first time user, you may already have some experience of distance learning. Whatever your experience, it is important to understand that to be a successful distance learner you need to become familiar and comfortable with the learning materials.

“Due to time and personal commitments I was unable to attend College on a regular basis and after searching through various online companies I was pleased to find a distance learning organisation that could provide everything I needed, when I needed it along with expert tutor support.”  Miss Bennett, Edinburgh

Distance Learning offers millions of people the opportunity to advance their education without the time and constraints of physically being on site. There are hundreds of colleges and universities that offer accredited online courses with affordable tuition and top rated teachers. Distance learning is rapidly growing in popularity as access to high-speed internet spreads across the globe.

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