Distance Learning – A Rewarding Experience

Distance Learning – A Rewarding Experience

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Distance learning can definitely be a rewarding experience, as you get so much out of it. By taking a distance learning course you are able to work towards a qualification in your own time, without having to travel to lectures and tutorials. You can combine a full-time job and raising a family with your studies and achieve something significant in your life that challenges you and which could help you in your future career. You get to learn about a subject in greater depth and to improve your writing skills, growing in confidence with each assignment.

Distance learning is obviously going to be a very different experience to studying with a conventional institution, as you are responsible for creating a work schedule that suits you and for motivating yourself. You don’t have to answer to your tutor or meet up with fellow students and so the challenge is quite a lot greater. Of course, you still need to be self-motivated when you study with any kind of college or university, but you need extra motivation to be a successful distance learner. When you’re a distance learner you often have many things in your life, all competing for your time.

However, whenever you do manage to finish a piece of work you should feel extremely proud of yourself. Despite having to contend with all that life throws in your way, you’ve managed to make time in your schedule to do something that benefits you, as well as those around you. You have made the decision to work towards a qualification that could help you with your career and that actually increases your sense of self-worth. You feel more confident and happier in yourself, which will be visible to everyone around you.

Distance learning can be a rewarding experience, giving you the chance to get an education and obtain a qualification and to learn about a subject that interests you, whilst juggling a busy family and work life, too. Thus, you should feel proud of what you can accomplish through a distance learning course.

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Nick Cooper
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