A day in the life of a Wedding Planner

A day in the life of a Wedding Planner

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What is a Wedding Planner?

Ever wondered what it would be like to work in the role of a Wedding Planner? This is the ideal career choice for those who want to create a couple’s dream day!
As you can imagine, to plan and organise the best day of someone’s life can hold a lot of pressure. There are a number of aspects you can expect to be responsible for, all of which will contribute to the smooth running of the big day.

Around 9-10 am

To start your day, after completing your own personal routine in a morning (getting up, having a wash, eating breakfast etc.) you will start by checking emails, text messages, voice mails etc.

You can expect to attend meetings, venue walk-through’s, and even cake tasting sessions. You will even be involved in designing décor.

Meetings, venue walk-throughs, cake tastings to décor designing; the duties as a wedding planner do not even stop when you get home from work, finishing meeting notes to send out to that day’s clients/ vendors etc.

Noon, a wedding planner will have a break to take lunch.

2pm – You can expect start scheduling appointments for clients and complete tasks such as venue and supplier sourcing.

4pm – Later in the afternoon you can expect to check in with your clients and provide them with updates regarding their wedding plans progress.

5:30pm – the day typically ends

You may find yourself working in the evenings when you get home. The day can consist generally of working through your to do lists, working on marketing your business, and other administration duties. You will also be involved with research into entertainment, décor, flowers etc.

As a Wedding Planner you can also expect to work weekends, but if you have a passion go for it!

You are sure to find a career in Wedding Planning challenging, often quite stressful but highly rewarding.

Nick Cooper
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