Course of the Month- Criminology!

Course of the Month- Criminology!

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Delve deep into the criminal mind with our featured course for March.

NCC’s Criminology Diploma is a multi-disciplinary course that encompasses law, psychology and sociology in order to gain greater knowledge of this discipline and make informed conclusions. Course topics covered within the Criminology Diploma include Children and Criminology, Young Offenders and the Criminal Justice System, the Anglo American Model and Labelling Theory and Critical Criminology.

If you have an interest in the criminal mind then this course will guide you through the reasons for criminal behaviour. White collar crime such as insider trading, money laundering and VAT Fraud. The module holds focus around some of the most interesting cases within the last 20 years which include high level businessmen, CEO’s and politicians! Violent crime is also featured in the course with cases ranging from homicide and gang crime to sexual assault.

The in-depth analysis of violent crime explores the recurring factors that affect individuals decision making process, for example it is found that 47% of violent crimes are committed whilst the offender is under the influence of alcohol.

The Criminology course is currently available from the incredible price of just £272, which includes 12 month tutor support and final certification.

Nick Cooper
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