Course Coming Soon: Asperger Syndrome Awareness

Course Coming Soon: Asperger Syndrome Awareness

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This programme has been written for everyone who would benefit from understanding Asperger Syndrome (and autism) and the effects it can have on sufferers of this condition and their relatives. This may also include anyone else who may come into contact with people with this condition within their working environment.

Asperger syndrome is a condition that affects how an individual can interpret the world around them, the processing of sensory information and how they relate to, and get along with, other people. Aspergers is generally recognised as being a milder form of autism and it is important that the full autistic spectrum is considered when learning about this condition.


  1. An Introduction to Asperger Syndrome
  2. Asperger’s in education
  3. Asperger’s and health
  4. Asperger’s and employment
  5. Asperger’s and the public sector/front line staff
  6. A vision for the future


No previous knowledge is required for this course.


Students can expect to receive a course manual and a study guide, which will prove useful when it comes to the assessment process. Learners will be assigned a personal tutor who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, throughout the duration of the course. You will also have access to our student help team who will be available to provide you with any other advice your may require. You can feel confident that all the necessary support is available so there is no need to feel isolated during your studies.


Students will be required to complete a number of assignments. Your personal tutor will review, mark and provide you with feedback on your work. You will also need to complete a short multiple choice examination.


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This course is now available for pre-order, please e-mail [email protected] or call 0800 970 2522 for more information.

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