Career Focus: Event Planner

Career Focus: Event Planner

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What is an Event Planner?

Ever fancied pursuing a career as an Event Planner? Whether you see yourself organising social or corporate events, you are sure to find this a challenging but highly rewarding career. There are a number of personal qualities that you should possess to be a successful event planner. As an event planner you can find yourself organising celebrations (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc.), Commemorations (memorial events) and much more! As you can see the opportunities are endless. There are a number of occasions which client’s may require an Event Planner.

Successful planners should develop and possess the following skills:

• Marketing and public relations
• Verbal and written communication
• Excellent organisation skills
• Negotiation
• Time management and work well under pressure
• Deadline oriented
• Excellent at multitasking
• Teamworking


As an event planner it is your duty to ensure that a clients’ event runs as smoothly as possible. It is your responsibility to oversee all aspects of the event. Other areas you can expect to be involved in include:

• Conducting research
• Creating an event plan
• Finding a suitable venue
• Arranging catering, décor
• Entertainment
• Planning transportation
• Organising accommodation if required
• The sending of invitations
• Supervising at the event
• Conduct evaluations of the event

People who wish to pursue a career in event planning come from a wide range of academic backgrounds. It can be an appealing career path for many. Often employers will seek candidates who possess a bachelor’s degree in business, management, hospitality, marketing, communications etc.


The salary of an Event Planner can typically range from £18,000 – £25,000. Please take these figures as a guideline only. Salary can be determined by a range of factors. Experience is important, for example if you are working for another company, generally, the more experience you have, the more money you will earn. Salary is also determined on demand, meaning the more events you plan the more income you will receive.

Career Prospects

This is a great career path for individuals who would like to turn a client’s idea into reality. You may choose to specialise in an area for example become a wedding planner, or simply an event planner who organises an array of occasions. This is ideal for those who would like to plan and organise an event to remember!

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