Can You Name The Famous Authors?

Can You Name The Famous Authors?

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Put your literature and author knowledge to the test by matching the famous authors to the famous novels.

Often, we know the famous titles of heavyweight literary tomes like ‘War and Peace’. And we know the famous authors from Tolstoy to Steinbeck, but it can be difficult to match the two.

Perfect When Studying

For any student, reading an array of fictional works is essential for developing writing skills, as well as helping you to express your thoughts and opinions with clarity.

From the complex novels of yesteryear to the fictional works of the Bronte sisters, the novel opens a whole new world to the reader. Harnessing the thoughts and opinions of the times, the novel provides a window onto a world that we think of as long gone but, has society really changed?

Find out how great your knowledge of authors and their works are with our fantastic quiz. Let us know how you get on!

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