Where Can I Find Online Wedding Planning Courses In The UK?

Where Can I Find Online Wedding Planning Courses In The UK?

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The wedding industry is big business, and more couples are choosing to use the services of a wedding planner. Likewise, many people are also studying for wedding planning courses to plan their own nuptials.

Whether you are planning your own wedding or looking for an exciting new career, online wedding planning courses are proving popular.

You too may be looking for opportunities to study and expand your horizons but if returning to the classroom is not a possibility, learning online certainly is. In fact, learning online is fast becoming the most popular way of earning qualifications.

Being a wedding planner
A wedding planner is the person that couples rely on to organise their big day. The average cost of a wedding is now £25,000 and although this may seem a lot, a wedding planner can help the happy couple to save even more money.

In fact, an experienced wedding planner will have contacts in all kinds of industries and trades, helping to organise a wedding day within budget.


The wedding industry is big business, and more couples are choosing to use the services of a wedding planner.

There are many personal skills and attributes you will need:

  • Calmness – weddings are highly emotional affairs and the run up to the big day can be stressful for many brides, grooms and their families. Essentially, you need to be able to think on your feet and always have solutions and plenty of ‘Plan Bs’ up your sleeve!
  • Charm – in the face of adversity, conflict and tension, you need to have oodles of charm and the ability to communicate clearly in situations that can be fraught and emotional. This doesn’t mean that as a wedding planner you will constantly be battling adversity; far from it as a wedding is a joyous and happy occasion, and one that you will feel blessed to be a part of.
  • Negotiator – if anything, you will be the top negotiator on behalf of your bride and groom. From ordering the flowers, to hiring the band to wedding photographers and caterers, you will be negotiating on price, as well as availability and so on.
  • Budget – it is imperative that you are good with money and are able to produce the product that couples want without over-spending. You need to keep a tight hold of the budget, always keeping your couple informed of expenses and where the money is being spent etc.
  • Super-organised – a wedding planner needs to be super-organised and are responsible for every aspect of the big day, from making sure the flowers arrive on time, the food is perfect, that hired items arrive on time and in the right place.
  • Knowledgeable – as you grow more experienced in the role, you will create a long lists of contacts, skills and knowledge that will make you a knowledgeable and go-to wedding planner
  • A sense of humour – you will meet all kinds of people and characters, from emotional, indecisive brides to controlling parents and so on. You will need a sense of humour and, as a great wedding planner, the ability to keep people’s dreams on track with a gentle, guiding hand.

Why choose NCC Home Learning courses?
If you are looking to a career in event or wedding planning, potential customers always feel that you are more trustworthy and reliable if you can show what you can do. For many people, this means having a wedding planner that is qualified.

But, taking the time to attend college can seem like too big a leap thus, many students turn to online learning and to a leading online course provider such as NCC Home Learning;

  • Flexible – you can study when you want; there are very few, if any deadlines and there is, with many courses no ‘must be completed by’ dates either. This gives you the flexibility to learn around your current work and family commitments.
  • Cost-effective – many online courses are cheaper not because they are of a lesser value but because online course providers have fewer overheads, an expense they do not need to pass to their students.
  • Same qualification, same value – some people may tell you that online courses are ‘not as academic’ or are somehow, thought of less by employers and so on. Today, online course providers go through the same rigorous planning and accreditation process as other education providers so you can be sure to get the same level of value and qualification with us as you would at a college or other educational establishment.
  • Simple, easy enrolment – you can enrol anytime, there is no need to wait until September. Many of your courses come with an online or paper option so you can study in a way that suits you. Simply choose a wedding planner course, pay the deposit, followed by instalments (or pay in one lump sum) and start on the road to a new and exciting career!
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