Where Can I Find Criminology Courses Online?

Where Can I Find Criminology Courses Online?

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This could be one of the reasons why you are searching from criminology courses online. You may also be interested in a career within a related field and having a criminology qualification will be valuable.

What is criminology?
Criminology is the study of crime from a social perspective. For example, what the causes of crime are, the social impact of it and how or why people choose to be involved in crime. People who study criminology hope to better understand what motivates criminals to act in the way that they do.

The work focuses on studying:

Criminology is an interesting area of study and one that can be insightful in so many ways.

Criminology is an interesting area of study and one that can be insightful in so many ways.

  • Theories that explain illegal and/or deviant behaviour
  • The social reaction to crime – such as why we find some crime more abhorrent than others
  • The political landscape of social control
  • The effectiveness of anti-crime policies and measures
  • Criminals and their crimes
  • The crime itself
  • And, incredibly important is the impact of crime on the victims

Criminology qualifications are welcomed across a wide sphere of careers and roles such as community development worker, police officer, prison officers, probation work, social work and youth workers.

There are also many other career paths open to you with criminology qualifications too.

Why study criminology courses online?
It is a wide area of study and one that draws students from all walks of life. Criminology is often associated with being an academic subject and in many ways, this is true.

You will look at and study theories, some controversial and others widely accepted, and you will be required to comment on them, or apply them in a practical situation. There can be a lot of reading associated with this kind of study but there is no doubt that if you have a passion for understanding what makes people tick, then this is the area of study for you.

For many people, they feel their career progression or a change of career is hampered by many obstacles and hurdles. They understand that they need to study and gain more qualifications but feel that they cannot take the financial risk of either cutting their work hours or giving up their job completely, to attend college or university.


  • Course content and value – we understand that every course we offer needs to have value to it for both you, the student and your employers. This is why we work with leading qualification accreditation bodies so that you can be confident when you sign up to one of our courses, you are signing up to the best.
  • Expert tutors – written, developed and tutored by expert tutors, all our courses are enhanced by the tutor team. Not only are our tutors highly qualified, they are also highly experienced with many years of teaching experience, as well as practical skills and experience within their field.
  • Generous support packages – for any student, whether you are studying online or in a classroom, support is an integral part of the learning process. Support means different things to different students; for example, you may need guidance and help with writing assignments, but for others it could be time management or how to plan an essay. We have the right support in place, just waiting for you to tap into when you want and need it.
    There is another option – self-directed study with online courses. There are many benefits of studying criminology courses online and to do so with NCC Home Learning

    There is another option – self-directed study with online courses. There are many benefits of studying criminology courses online and to do so with NCC Home Learning

  • Vibrant online community – learning shouldn’t be a lonely or isolated experience which is why we encourage people to make contact with fellow students, both here at NCC Home Learning and on specialist, topic-led forums you find across the web.
  • Self-pacing and managing – studying online means you can complete your course at your own pace. We always advise students to spend as much time as they need on modules so that they have a deep understanding of the topics being discussed. Essentially, however, you set your own learning pace. There are no chasing emails, no lurking deadlines and no pressure, just all-round great support from an expert team.

How to enrol
Enrolling with NCC Home Learning is easy, simple and quick:

  • Select a course from our forensic science courses
  • Choose the form you prefer – online or paper (not all our courses are available online, so check carefully)
  • Choose how to pay – you can pay in one lump sum or choose to pay by instalments
  • You are now enrolled and part of an exciting online learning community and looking forward to new challenges!
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