Brand New Job Ready Course from NCC!

Brand New Job Ready Course from NCC!

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NCC are releasing the brand new programme “Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce QCF (Early Learning and Childcare pathway)”. This programme is described as a “job ready” course as it meets all current guidelines set out for those caring for young children.

The government’s publication ‘More great childcare’ (January 2013) set out the vision for quality in early education and childcare.

The government wants to make sure there is more great childcare available for parents and children. The introduction of early years educators (level 3) will ensure those who work with babies and young children are increasingly skilled and professional.

Following an 8 week public consultation undertaken by the National College for Teaching and Leadership, which ended on 22 April 2013, the early years educator criteria were published on 11 July 2013.

The government response to the consultation on the early years educator criteria ‘Improving Level 3 Qualifications for the Early Education & Childcare Workforce’ has also been published.

The criteria lay out the minimum requirements for what an early years educator should know, understand and be able to do to be considered qualified at level 3 when delivering the early years foundation stage.

If you are currently studying for an early years level 3 qualification or are due to commence a training course in September 2013, the qualification will still be valid.

The government guidelines are available here

To learn more about this Distance Learning course, click here or call one of our course advisors on 0800 970 2522.

Nick Cooper
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