Brand New Course – Genealogy Diploma

Brand New Course – Genealogy Diploma

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Family history research is said to be the fastest-growing hobby in the UK, as well as being the second most popular topic on the internet.  Tracing ancestors seems to go deeper than your average hobby, fulfilling some sort of basic need to get to know our origins and, presumably, understand ourselves better in the process.  It can certainly throw up some great stories, quotable even outside your own family circle, and provide no end of fun and pleasure.

This diploma assumes that you have no prior knowledge of family history or this type of research.  It will guide you, step by step, through the process of tracing your own or someone else’s family tree and history.  We are all the accumulation of the genes, characteristics, and behaviours of our ancestors.  This diploma is for anyone who has ever wondered about his or her ancestors; how they looked, what they did for a living and how they behaved.  It is also ideal for anyone who is keen to pursue the discipline of genealogy in a professional capacity and wants to learn more about what is involved.

With this diploma, you will be able to make huge progress researching a genealogy.  There’s plenty here to help you ensure that you can take a family line back hundreds of years.  How much or how little information you chose to source is up to you.

Nick Cooper
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