Best April Fools 2014 – How many did you spot?

Best April Fools 2014 – How many did you spot?

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It looks like we survived another April Fool’s Day and if you missed your chance to pull off a prank of epic proportions you will just have to wait another year!

Nowadays April Fool’s Day sees companies around the world go out of their way to think of the most weird and wonderful pranks to fool the general public.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of today’s most ingenious jokes so far!

Corrie Set Sinkhole

BT stated this morning that the new Coronation Street set had been sent into disarray after a sink hole appeared outside the famous Rovers Return. The sinkhole measuring 3 metres across and 6 metres deep reportedly halted filming and left the producers desperately rewriting the upcoming storylines.  Corrie fans can now breathe a sigh of relief as no filming schedules will be disrupted!

Domino’s Edible Pizza Box

Today Domino’s asked ‘Why think outside the box when you can eat it?’ and launched a brand new waste free dining experience.  Domino’s unveiled the ‘Edibox’ an edible pizza box made from pizza dough as an alternative to the more traditional and less tasty cardboard box!  There are sure to be a few that are disappointed that this is nothing more than an April Fool.

Government Bans Selfies

We are probably all aware of the current ‘selfies’ craze that is sweeping the nation, you remember the infamous Oscars selfie featuring a number of Hollywood A-listers!  Well, the metro reported that this could be a thing of the past, stating the Department for Culture Media and Sport have drafted a proposal for a ban on selfies, which is due to come into force at the end of next year.

Girl Band Member Joining One Direction

Simon Ross on Radio City Liverpool shocked One Direction fans across the North West by announcing that a female member was to be added to One Direction.  Some fans were outraged by the news even calling in to the show to voice their concerns before finally realising they had fallen victim to an April Fool!

Were you duped by any of today’s mischievous new stories?  Or, are you wise to the tom foolery that the 1st April brings each year?

Nick Cooper
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