Become A…Wedding/Event Planner!

Become A…Wedding/Event Planner!

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The job market is a very daunting place at the best of times, which means in the current economic climate there are many of us who feel lost finding an exciting and rewarding career path. Young people are one of the most affected age groups, with 1 in 5 university graduates not finding work within 6 months of leaving university.

An official parliamentary report revealed this month that 1.7 million 16-24 year old’s are economically inactive (not in or looking for work), this equates to 21.0%. The figures make for depressing reading, despite the economic downturn there are a number of industries that have experienced growth and  they are the industries you should be targeting to forge a career with prospects.

Event and Wedding planning has become big business in the age of the “celebrity”, with the general public craving that perfect white wedding or luxury event. Now an established industry, opportunities for young people are growing. The nature of the business demands a fast paced and enthusiastic workforce which matches the traits of many young people looking for work.

The industry full of glitz and glamour has seen a large number of new businesses sprouting up to supply their services in planning the perfect event or wedding. The low entry barriers and little investment needed to start a business like this means it is a low risk proposition. If you have the artistic flair to give Elton John a run for his money then this is the perfect industry in which to pursue a career. The wedding industry currently stands at $50.6 billion worldwide and the Huffington Post estimates that the wedding planning market is set to see a 2.3% increase in size by 2018.

This dynamic and exciting industry could be the perfect way for you to gain valuable on the job experience. There are a number of different paths you could take to become a wedding or event planner. There are a number of University courses that focus directly on the subjects and provide an excellent platform to be ready for a job role immediately after graduating. If the time and cost of university seems too much for you, there are some excellent dedicated distance learning courses that give you the opportunity to learn from home and at your own pace. The courses retail at around £305.00, which is at level 3 (equivalent in knowledge to an A-Level).

NCC offer both Event Planner and Wedding Planner Courses, for more information call 0800 970 2522 or e-mail [email protected].

Nick Cooper
Nick is NCC's resident blog author and covers a range of subjects, including teaching and health & social care. NCC is an international learning provider with over 20 years’ experience offering learning solutions. To date, NCC has engaged with over 20,000 employers, and delivered quality training to over half a million learners.
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