How to Become an Event Planner with No Experience

How to Become an Event Planner with No Experience

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Getting started as an event planner, whether arranging birthday parties, weddings or other kinds of events, can be tough. It is a thriving industry and with an Event Management course under your belt, you could find a whole new world of opportunities opening up before you.

Opportunities, however, can be hard to come by and so when you do come across them, you need to exploit them.

Like most industries, it is the one break that can launch a successful career and the same is certainly true when it comes to event planning and management.
Here are our top tips for becoming an event planner:

#1 Know what the job entails
You may think that event planning is turning up on the day and making sure the champagne is flowing freely, and everything goes without a hitch. To a certain extent, an event planner is akin to a swan, gliding gracefully over the surface of the water – beneath the water, the legs are working hard to give the overall appearance of effortless grace.

The role of an event planner is not always an easy one. It can mean many hours of organisation, as well as high level of stress at times. From making sure the caterers turn up on time to booking the right music entertainment and so on – and within budget too. If you think it is a life of endless glamour, you may be in for a shock.

#2 Start small…
Experience enriches practice and the more you have of it the better. Once you have completed an event management course, why not see if you can gain experience with a local event planner?

If, however, you want to plunge on in at the deep end, our top tip would be to start small and work your way up to bigger and better events. By starting on a smaller scale, you gain valuable insight into this burgeoning industry, as well as experience which is invaluable.

#3 Build your skill set
An Event Planner course is all well and good, giving you an outstanding grounding in the do’s and don’ts of the industry. You may feel that you lack skills in certain areas which need to be strengthened.

For example, smaller scale budgets are easier to manage than budgets that hits tens of thousands of pounds. Learning how to account and be accountable for every penny spent is important. Building your skill set, such as accountancy, keeping books, budgets and so on, can all help to strengthen your skills in event planning.

#4 Build your network and contacts
Event planning is just as much about who you know, as what you know. Securing an exclusive venue is more easily done if you have contacts within the industry and thus, event planning is one role where being a social butterfly really pays off.

In many ways, this is how you will also find you catch a lot of new clients. Although you may have a website with plenty of enquiries, you may find that as you plan more and more successful events, whether they are weddings or birthday celebrations, you will have clients who have been attendees at these events also wanting your services.

#5 Build a portfolio
If you are planning on being an event planner, you will need to build a portfolio that shows prospective clients what you are capable of planning and creating on their behalf.

From photos of events, to feedback from clients, creating a portfolio both online and with a ‘paper’ portfolio is a great way of showing clients that you have the ability and skills to create a unique and dazzling event.

And finally, promote yourself!
As an event planner, you cannot be bashful when it comes to promoting yourself as the go-to event planner. Established event planners will tell you that clients buy into you, as a person, as much as they buy in your services and skills. In other words, getting the ‘right’ planner can depend on whether the clients like the person or not.

Having a strong online presence is essential for businesses in this modern age, with event planning companies being no different. From a website that sets the tone for your brand, to a strong social media presence, being online with a quality product will boost your event planning credentials no end.

Liz Taylor featured in the Channel 4 documentary “Million Dollar Party” that showed the successful world that a party planner can enjoy. With an Event Management course from NCC Home Learning under your belt, who knows that the future will hold…

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