How The Art Of NLP Can Teach You The Way Of The Jedi (Infographic)

How The Art Of NLP Can Teach You The Way Of The Jedi (Infographic)

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming has been around for some time now and is the processes of connecting the brain (neuro) and language (linguistics). Specifically, it examines how the two interact to either get the results we want by changing our actions and our impact on others, or how we fail to get the results we want.

Undoubted Results

There are detractors of NLP who don’t believe it has any power or influence over how we can modify outcomes in situations. But for those that use NLP, and the data from many projects throughout the world, would beg to differ.

Companies all around the globe use NLP to influence how, when and what their customers buy. One company transformed their profit margin from ‘zero to hero’ status by investing in NLP training for all their employees. The results were phenomenal.

NLP is also a recognised branch of psychology and psychiatry, with the belief that if people have a purpose in life and work, they have the drive needed to succeed and the reach the goals that they set.

Do Jedi’s Use NLP?

The Force is strong and powerful portrayed in Star Wars as a force that must be used responsibly.

Those with the power can influence the thoughts of another, usually for their good but, there are also times when it can be used against someone considered vulnerable or weak. And for those that are pursuing a goal or mission at all costs, this can mean that to reach this end, they will use the force against others in a detrimental way.

NLP is not about manipulating others but understanding that how you think, the messages you give yourself and how you choose to interact with others have an important effect on not only whether you reach your objective, but also how well and pleasant this journey is.

Understanding How the Brain Works

The spongy grey matter protected in the skull is still an enigma to scientists and the medical profession. Although we have better understanding of the brain and can pinpoint what parts are responsible for what functions, there is a lot we are yet to understand.

But, understanding the connection between the brand and language has changed how we use our brains. By making small changes to how we think, methods we use to memorise facts and figures, for example, our brain and certain functions seem to improve.

By harnessing the power of thought and actions with NLP, you too could be Jedi-like in your powers…

You can learn more about Neuro-Linguistic Programming with our Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Diploma

How the art of NLP can teach you the way of the Jedi

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