5 Things To Know About Being An ACCA Qualified Accountant

5 Things To Know About Being An ACCA Qualified Accountant

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A movie hero? An unlikely character if ever there was one, but accountants don’t just save money on your tax bill. In the movie world, the accountant is full of action, valour and courage.

Oscar Wallace, the accountant in The Untouchables, played alongside Kevin’s Costner’s Eliot Ness, carries a shotgun as part of his recruitment to the team of incorruptible men enforcing prohibition in 1920s America.

If you are considering online accounting courses, however, the last thing on your mind will be joining gangs enforcing law all over your home city or town. You will be thinking flexible working time, possibly working from home, being self-employed or maybe you have your sights set on working for large, global companies.

The right accountant qualification

Being qualified is essential when it comes to practicing the skills of accountancy. Having an in-depth understanding of how financial laws and regulations affect your clients is paramount because this is the reason why they employ accountants in the first place.

Anyone can file a self-assessment tax return but with the inside knowledge of an accountant, there may be avenues for off-setting expenses and so on that reduce the tax burden on a sole trader, small business or large business empires.

Tax evasion, however, is a completely different thing and not one that many accountants will allow themselves to become embroiled in.

Thus, choosing online accounting courses that give you a qualification potential clients recognise and trust is a savvy move on your part.


These qualifications look great on your CV as it details your journey to chartered certified status, if that is where you want to be.

Being an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualified accountant is a beneficial move in the right direction of helping people to plan and budget, leaving them to operate in a financially sound business.

But why ACCA?

With over 100,000 members and nearly half a million students in 181 countries, it is an organisation held in high esteem and regard both by its members and those clients who use ACCA qualified accountants.

If you are thinking of embarking on one of the many online accounting courses, here are five things you should know about being an ACCA qualified accountant;

#1 Highly respected qualification

Any qualification needs to show prospective partners, clients, and customers that you have the ability, aptitude and skills to complete a given task. Inevitably for any sector of area of interest, there are different awarding bodies all vying for students to complete their courses and qualifications.

Some are of a higher standard than others but some also come with an enviable reputation. When it comes to accountancy, ACCA offers a firm foundation for accountants, with a qualifications recognised the world over. Known for being committed to driving standard forwards and upwards, by opting for an ACCA accreditation, your accountancy skills will be in demand.

#2 A great CV move too

Like many professions, with ACCA accreditation you build your profile as an accountant by studying for smaller chunks of qualifications. This means that as you advance towards ACCA full membership, accounting courses are part of your journey.

These qualifications look great on your CV as it details your journey to chartered certified status, if that is where you want to be.

#3 Dynamic field

There may still exist an unfortunate reputation of accountancy and accountants being grey and a little boring. However, it is a dynamic field and one in which there are many opportunities. As a career choice, it is far from boring.

As well as being self-employed, there are opportunities to work for some of the biggest companies, travelling across the world too. As the business world evolves, so too does the role of the accountant, with many big businesses now placing the accountant and their team, firmly at the centre of their business.

#4 Choose your industry

Small traders to large companies are all on your doorstep, as are the variety of industries and sectors. From government agencies to the music industry, the NHS, and more, every organisation, agency and business need a qualified accountant to keep their budgeting and spending in check, amongst other things.

#5 Earn more

And finally, a highly qualified accountant can command a higher price and those with ACCA qualifications are amongst some of the top paid accountants. Why not you?

Accountancy is a dynamic role, one that gives untold opportunities, more so if you have the right accountancy qualifications under your belt. From working for yourself to being part of exciting, global companies, accountancy can be the ticket to a fulfilling career. For more information on how to become an accountant. Visit our how to become an accountant guide.

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