5 Hidden Historical Gems

5 Hidden Historical Gems

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We all know about Stonehenge and the Tower of London and Warwick Castle, but what are some of the lesser known historical sites around the UK?

We all know about Stonehenge and the Tower of London and Warwick Castle, but what are some of the lesser known historical sites around the UK? Find out some of our tips for hidden historical gems around the UK:

Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker, Essex

Straight from the Cold War and designed to hold 600 civilians and military personnel in the event of nuclear attack, this privately owned museum is an enormous subterranean shelter and former operations centre in Brentwood, Essex. At 27,000 square feet and extending 100 metres below ground, the Kelvedon Hatch is complete with a variety of Cold War equipment as well as its own BBC studio and dorms.


Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe

Leading down from the town of Ilfracombe to the stunning Devonshire beaches, this jaw-dropping network of hand-carved tunnels were made by miners in the 1820s and give a unique chance to see some rare corals. Rated highly by BBC Wildlife Magazine for rock pooling, you can sit back and admire the outstanding scenery of the rugged coastline while your children explore.


Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

There are few chances to see a genuine medieval moated castle these days, so taking a visit to East Sussex to see Bodiam Castle is worth going out of the way for. With spiral staircases, archways, and portcullis, the castle offers the perfect glimpse back into medieval splendour, allowing you to bask in surroundings once guarded by true knights.


Highgate Cemetery, London

With Halloween coming up, Highgate Cemetery is a perfect addition to our list. This spooky graveyard in the heart of North London is crammed full of some of the most interesting and unique headstones and architecture, offering a unique look back into the 19th Century. With guided tours giving you the full history of the place and insight into some of the cemetery’s most famous residents, you can discover the secrets Highgate holds.


New Lanark World Heritage Site, South Lanarkshire

For a truly unique opportunity to step back in time, take a visit to this town which has been painstakingly restored to its 19th Century appearance. Telling the fascinating story of the little cotton mill village, this living museum gives you an overview of village life from the time period and manages to be at both times informative and eerie.


Do you have any hidden historical gems near you? We’d love to hear the stories behind them!

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