4 Tips for the Best Black Friday Bargains

4 Tips for the Best Black Friday Bargains

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Bargain hunters get ready: this weekend the biggest discounts of the year will be available in stores and online across the UK.

Bargain hunters get ready: this weekend the biggest discounts of the year will be available in stores and online across the UK.

Originating in America as a day for discount shopping following the US holiday of Thanksgiving, the idea for a day of cheap shopping to kick off the Christmas period found its way across the pond to us a few years ago, and is getting bigger year on year.

With sales last year of over £800 million in just one day, Black Friday has become the most popular shopping day of the year in the UK. Experts are estimating that sales this year will be even higher, and could even pass the £1 billion mark for the first time ever.

As you can imagine, the demand for cheap items before Christmas is high, and stampedes, frenzies and fights to get the best bargains. Scenes became so bad in the supermarket Asda last year that this year they have announced that they will no longer be taking part in the event.

If you are looking for bargains, you don’t just have to consider Black Friday. Companies are looking to maximise sales, so many are starting the event early and carrying it on throughout the weekend. Also, the Monday after Black Friday has become known as Cyber Monday, where companies encourage people to shop online by offering further discounts to customers who visit their websites.

Below are our best tips for finding the best online deals this weekend, meaning your Christmas shopping list could become that little bit cheaper!

The early bird catches the bargain

This may seem like a no-brainer, but with some shops opening in the early hours of the morning this Friday, it is vital to be up and out early to get your hands on the best deals. Similarly, if you are planning on shopping for your bargains online, many websites are launching new deals every hour from midnight on Thursday. It might be wise to get a few cups of coffee waiting if you’re planning on getting the best deals possible!

Don’t judge a bargain by its cover

When in store on Black Friday, you may be tempted by what seems like an amazing deal, especially on more expensive items like electronics. However, the item itself may be something that doesn’t normally sell well – and there could be a reason for this. It could be something that isn’t a top item in its market, or there may be cheaper alternatives that actually work better. Make sure your phone has a full charge, and do you research by checking reviews on items that you aren’t sure about before buying!

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail

The most successful Black Friday shoppers are the ones who know what they need to buy and know where they will get it from. If you have a list of items that you know you want to purchase, and decide which shops will have the best deals, you are more likely to come home feeling like it was a worthwhile shopping experience. Some people may be tempted by a wide range of offers on items they didn’t think of, and might impulse buy only to find later that they have purchased something they don’t really need or want.

Google knows best

Don’t forget that many shops offer the same products, and may have them listed at different prices on the day. It’s worthwhile to keep that phone charged, so you can check out online price comparison websites to see whose Black Friday deals are the best! Some shops, such as John Lewis, are offering a price match on any other Black Friday deals, and due to the large amount of different items they stock, so if your phone does die, it may be worthwhile starting here if you have a big shopping list!

NCC Home Learning will have their own Black Friday special offers available this week, keep your eyes peeled on Friday for more information!

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