Winter Vomiting Bug Emerges With New Strain: Sydney 2012

Winter Vomiting Bug Emerges With New Strain: Sydney 2012

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The winter vomiting bug that affected so many this Christmas has developed a strong new strain called “Sydney 2012”

The norovirus bug developed quite a reputation through the months leading up to Christmas, with a large percentage of the population struck down with the virus and forced to take time off work to contain the spread of the infection. The norovirus started as a vast mix of many different strains, but it has now emerged that “Sydney 2012” is the strongest strain and has spread as far as New Zealand, Japan and France. It has been confirmed that this strain does not cause side affects any more serious than other strains.

The virus is spread through contact with infected people, contaminated food, surfaces, objects and fluids. People with the infection have to be completely free of any symptoms before preparing food or drink for other people’s consumption. Ensure regular and thorough washing of hands to contain the spread of the virus.

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