Why the Beauty Industry Has Always Been Booming

Why the Beauty Industry Has Always Been Booming

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Young or old, 50 years ago or today, people have always found the money to keep themselves looking good. Why has the beautician’s clinic always remained popular – both to go into and to utilise?

The British beauty industry is worth a staggering £17 billion – and growing. An industry that employs over a million people, it has continued to grow, despite the recession, despite banks collapsing and despite the austerity measures of recent times.

From skin peels to non-surgical, why does the beauty industry continue to thrive? Why has it blossomed and grown as other industries have stuttered and stalled?

Many clients see their beautician as an important and essential person in their life. The waxing, the plucking and shaping of nails are seen as part of staying healthy, clean and hygienic.

It is also a social bonding exercise. Even with more women – and men – embracing the au naturel look (just take a look the ‘outcry’ to Madonna posting a photograph of her daughter’s armpits), many of us still feel a need to present a relatively groomed appearance to the world. It is not just about acceptance, it is about feeling good about ourselves.

Whilst Lourde may be happy showing her armpit hair to the world, others are not so sure. And this is why the beauty industry is booming. In one way or another, we all utilise it, whether that is buying branded shampoo or opting for a full leg wax once a month.

For those looking to complete beautician courses, this is welcome news. The likelihood is, as a qualified beautician, you are unlikely to be short of work.

Beauty is a Science

Beauty, to some people, is nothing more than surface deep. It is a superficial concern, something that sits on the surface. In times gone by, there were even suggestions that those men and women who paid attention to how they looked were shallow characters.

Likewise, people believed that those who entered the beauty industry with qualifications for various beautician courses did so because their intelligence was lacking. This is an outdated stereotype now, and the industry is thriving as much as it always has done. Jobs in the beauty industry are abundant, but many often require qualifications now. Beauty is a fun, thriving career, with thousands of people taking college and online beauty courses a year.

Appearance is Important

And not just to those who look and admire us, but for the way we feel about ourselves too. But why does the beauty industry boom in spite of a negative or slack economy?

1. Social standing – The link between how we look and social standing is complex, but it centres around human attractiveness and expectation. We have an expectation that people will look attractive, more so when they are in positions of power or standing. We may not think it, but we do expect people to look the part and so for many of us, the personal grooming in which we indulge ourselves is part and parcel of how we want others to see us.

2. Success – Attractiveness is linked to success, or so we like to think. It is more pleasing when someone seems to take care of themselves, this groomed appearance giving off the vibe that someone is organised and cohesive.

3. Relationships – It is a common driving force in our lives to find a mate. It is, after all, what makes the world turn round, and is the reason that we are all here today. We want to come across as attractive and personal grooming, whether that is having your nails done or a man enjoying a hot shave, when we take time to look after ourselves, we can come across as more confident and attractive to the one we want to attract.

4. Well-being –Many experts believe that the continued blossoming of the beauty industry in recent years is linked to the changing attitudes in mental and physical health. Our well being is no longer at the bottom of the list. If we don’t look after ourselves, we falter. Although a deep tissue massage may not ‘solve’ your depression or rid you of anxiety, beauty treatments can go a long way in helping us to look after ourselves, mind, body and soul.

5. Male grooming – Since the advent of mascara by Maybelline in 1913, beauty has been seen as a female industry both in terms of beautician courses and then main customer group. But in recent years, male grooming has exploded. The modern man is no longer prepared to put up with ‘issues’ that he sees as holding him back. From enjoying a designer haircut to body waxing, male grooming is now big business.

And so yes, even when we have little cash to spare, we will always find the money to make sure we look good. But more importantly, we do so for our own personal reasons as much as social pressures.

Nick Cooper
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