What Reflexology Can Do for You

What Reflexology Can Do for You

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From lowering stress levels to easing pain, reflexologists claim that it is a skill that brings many benefits. Is there any truth in it, though?

Reflexology is a treatment that has been around for centuries. From ancient Chinese and Egyptians to modern day reflexologists, it has long been seen as an ‘alternative treatment’ for common issues. But what is it and what are the benefits?

What is reflexology?

During the treatment, the reflexologist will apply pressure to specific areas of the body, specifically hands, feet and ears.

But it is more than just a pleasant foo rub. The theory behind this ancient practice is that certain areas of the body are linked or correspond to certain organs and systems in the body. And so, reflexologists say, by applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, hands or ears, certain organs and the nervous system can either be stimulated or relaxed.

Do you have to be trained to be a reflexologist?

It is unusual to find someone practising at a reflexologist who haven’t been trained but it is worth checking. Too much pressure can be painful and detrimental, plus when someone is paying good money for a certain treatment, they expect it to be done correctly!

People who offer reflexology tend to be qualified in other areas too, such as aromatherapy or massage. As a beautician, it is another string to your bow and another means of expanding the service you offer/

Benefits of reflexology

Many beauticians are offering reflexology not so much as an alternative medical treatment but as a relaxing therapy. However, many people find that it helps them in many ways.

#1 Improved nerve function

As we age, there is some suggestion that our nerve endings become less sensitive, especially in the extremities like fingers and toes. By placing gentle but firm pressure on feet and hands, reflexologists believe that they stimulate more than 7,000 nerve endings. For the client, this means improved function and reactivity in their nerve endings.

#2 Improved energy levels

For people who find their energy levels lacking, reflexology can give them a boost. This is because various organs and muscle systems need a boost from the body’s metabolism. So a sluggish client may skip out the door after a session!

#3 Improved circulation

Touch is powerful and when combined with knowledge of how to apply pressure to certain parts of the body, circulation is increased to that area of the body. From wellness massages to reflexology, there is no denying that circulation is improved after a session.

#4 Relaxation

We live in an increasingly fast-paced and stressful world, where we are constantly connected if we choose to be. Stress can be a good thing, but an overload can lead to serious health issues, physically and emotionally. From troubling insomnia to constant feelings of jitteriness and anxiety, learning to ‘let go and relax is difficult.

As a result, people are looking to therapies and treatments as a means of helping the body to physically unwind and for the mind to stop spinning to fast too. Again, the power of touch and pressure through reflexology is something that many of us are turning too, happy with the relaxation and relief that it offers.

#5 Releases toxins

From pollution to ingredients in processed foods, there are toxins all around us and to which we are exposed to every day. Our body makes toxins too, such as urine. Some people report that after a reflexology session, they urinate more, a sign that the stimulation of the body has led to the purging of toxins n the system.

#6 Fewer headaches

People seek out treatments for all kinds of reasons and when they find it works, are happy to talk about its benefits. There are occasions when science doesn’t necessarily offer evidence to back their claims and this is one but, many people say that with regular reflexology sessions they feel less tense, less stressed, more at peace and, important for them, suffer fewer headaches.

What does reflexology offer you, as a beautician?

As a beautician, you want to offer the treatment and therapies that your clients want and need. From hot stones massages to reflexology, there are many options that we choose to help us feel better about ourselves physically and emotionally.

The more skills you have, the more therapies and treatments you can offer. But like most skills, you need to fully understand not just how to apply them but understand the theory behind them.

Reflexology is no different so why not find out more about our reflexology course?

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