What Is Genealogy?

What Is Genealogy?

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It is no secret that genealogy has really grown in popularity over the recent years. The main reason for this seems to be simple curiosity. People want to learn more about their history, their ancestry and where they come from. Something that genealogy can provide them with.

But what exactly is genealogy all about and what can it do for you?

The basics of genealogy

The idea of genealogy comes from Ancient Greece. The name itself is a mix of “genos” and “logos” which translates “birth” and “science”. Which is quite an accurate summary of how genealogy works. It is the science of your birth, it is the practice of finding out more about your ancestors and where you came from.

Genealogy will look at your ethnic history, your social history and all of the geographical origins that come from your history.

Genealogy also comes in a variety of forms and the approach that you take will really depend on what you are looking for.

The different kinds of genealogy

There are a few different types of genealogy that you can choose to look into.

Ascending genealogy- The idea of ascending genealogy is that it is designed to search for and look into the ancestors of a person.

Descending genealogy- This form of genealogy will look at the descendants of a person.

Estate genealogy- This particular form of genealogy will need to be carried out by a professional in the field and is usually at the request of someone who is a notary during a succession.

Agnatic genealogy- This type of genealogy will look at the male ancestry of a person.

Cognitive genealogy- If you carry out this particular genealogy then it will look at both ascendants and descendants even if they do not have the same name.

The history of genealogy

It might be the case that genealogy is more popular over recent years, but the truth is that it has been around for some time. In fact, during Ancient Greek times it seems that genealogy was used as a way to look at the ancestors of gods and heroes. It also has been used in Chinese history as well as the French revolution too.

Where to start with genealogy

Genealogy can be incredibly interesting to learn about and then do. Especially if you are keen to see exactly where you have come from. One of the simplest forms of genealogy that you can try out for yourself is looking into the origin of your surname.

Simply by looking at your last name, you can gain a wealth of information on the geographical origin of your ancestors. It can help you to learn about their social origin, which profession that they had and also where they moved to or lived during their lives. All of these things give you a useful insight into some of the aspects of your history and where you actually come from.

As well as searching using surnames, you can also perform genealogy using DNA. In order to do this form of genealogy you will need to be able to supply a DNA sample and this will then help to look at a migratory route of your ancestors and give a much better awareness of your geographical origins.

Another thing that genetic based genealogy can help you with is to take a look at distant relatives which will help you to deepen your knowledge of your family tree. This can help you to classify humans into genetic groups.

Why genealogy?

Genealogy has risen in popularity over recent years. In fact, it is thought that more than 26 million people have taken an at home ancestry tests (such as DNA tests). A rather impressive statistic to keep in mind. But why is this? What makes genealogy something that people are interested in doing?

One of the best things about genealogy is that it can show you a part of your history, a part of your life that you never even thought that you might be able to learn about. You might not know some members of your extended family, or you might have been adopted, something that genealogy is going to be able to help you with.

Learn more about genealogy with genealogy courses online

Are you interested in learning more about your family tree? If you really want to have the very best insight into genealogy then why not check out these genealogy course online? They can teach you in the ins and outs of the process and help you to learn even more about just where you came from.

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