Warning over the effect of parent alcohol abuse on children.

Warning over the effect of parent alcohol abuse on children.

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Millions of children are at risk of neglect because of a parent’s drinking, and yet the problem is being ignored, say charities.

Alcohol Concern and the Children’s Society want social workers to have more training on how to deal with alcohol abuse within families.

Their report estimates 2.6m children live with a parent whose drinking could lead to neglect.

Despite alcohol or substance misuse being suggested as a factor in more than half of social worker cases which progress to the “serious review” stage, there is relatively little emphasis placed on the problem within social worker training.

Recent research suggested that one third of social workers had received no training on alcohol or drugs, and, of the remainder, half had been given three hours or less.

Bob Reitemeier, the chief executive of The Children’s Society, said: “I cannot stress strongly enough the harmful impact that substance abuse can have on both children and whole families – it is imperative that everyone understands these risks and we believe that education is the key.

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