Are we ready for a pandemic?

Are we ready for a pandemic?

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Experts are adamant, the world has never been better prepared for a flu pandemic.

History tells us that there are global epidemics every 30 to 50 years.

And with the last one happening in the late 1960s, governments across the world have been on alert for the past decade.

That moment could now be here with the World Health Organization describing the outbreak of swine flu as a major concern.

Governments across the world have been revising and making new plans since the re-emergence of bird flu six years ago in south east Asia.

Nearly 150 countries are now known to have drawn up contingency plans covering everything from the response of health services to travel restrictions and international co-operation.

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There are many people working in a paid or voluntary role who may be at risk of contracting or spreading infection due to the nature of their job. Infection control is essential knowledge for all those working in any hospital, nursing and care settings. It is also often now considered relevant for those working in other types of group settings where there may be risks of infection spreading such as prisons, schools and hostels.

With current events in the state they are, there has never been a better time to be extra careful and be as aware as possible about the risk of spreading infection.

Nick Cooper
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