NCC Author Donates for Diabetes Cause

NCC Author Donates for Diabetes Cause

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Creating courses is bread and butter for us and usually the process is pretty straight forward. However, a recent update to our Diabetes in Children and Young People course took a heart-warming twist when our sought after author refused to accept payment for her work.

Instead, our expert on all things health and social care, Jo Fox, insisted that we donate the agreed fee to The Pendsey Trust, a charity which funds lifesaving insulin and provides educational grants for people with diabetes in the developing world.

Type 1 diabetes in children is a subject that’s close to home for Jo, whose 9 year old son Oliver was diagnosed with the condition in 2013.

Jo even offered to review our course for free at first, but a fee was eventually agreed for the charity of which Jo has recently become a trustee.

We later decided to double the initial fee agreed due to project dedication and the nature of the good-will gesture.

On the decision to donate her earnings, Jo said: ‘This subject area is really close to my heart and I just feel it was the right thing to do.’

‘I first found out about the Pendsey Trust on the anniversary of Oliver’s diagnosis and it really hit home how diabetes can devastate families worldwide who live with terrible stigma and can spend up to 70% of their household income on insulin, due to extreme poverty.’

Jo has since become increasing involved with the charity and wants to raise awareness about the significant difference it can make: ‘Every penny of this donation will go to fund a year’s worth of insulin for one child or education for 5 children for one year. It is literally a lifesaving or life changing amount. ’

‘Clearly these children need our support and I felt the money was best spent on them rather than me.’


Jo’s generosity made the local press

The Pendsey Trust has an interest in international development and personal links to diabetes; its trustees aim to help individuals in countries such as India and Tanzania enter employment and earn enough to afford their own medication.

Type 1 diabetes treatment is one of the biggest problems the Pendsey Trust are trying to tackle as the condition is not related to diet or lifestyle and the child will be insulin dependent from diagnosis and for the rest of their life.

This causes significant problems for those without easy access to regular lifesaving medication. You can find out more about their work here.

On Jo’s decision to donate, NCC Managing Director Tony Smith said: ‘It’s really touching to see such a selfless decision like that.’

‘Clearly this is a subject that means a lot to Jo, and I just hope that the donation helps make a difference to the charity’s great work.’

In terms of the actual work that Jo completed, the Diabetes in Children and Young People course now offers a range of personal insights and also explores new and potentially life-saving diabetes technologies, such as CGM’s.

To celebrate the relaunch of the course and the great content that’s now been added, for a limited time only we’re offering it at a reduced price of £175 (reduced from £250!).

To read more about the course and to enrol, click here.

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