National Anger Awareness Week!

National Anger Awareness Week!

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It’s National Anger Awareness Week between 1st – 7th December.  The purpose of National Anger Awareness Week is to increase understanding of the underlying causes of anger and equip people to reduce their own, and other’s, anger in an effective way.

Mike Fisher, founder of Beating Anger – Anger Management explains: “National Anger Awareness Week encourages everyone to prepare themselves with simple coping strategies to create an atmosphere of calm and cooperation.”

To read more about National Anger Awareness Week  visit: Beating Anger – Anger Management

If you would like to learn more about managing and preventing anger and stress, NCC Home Learning provide a range of related courses:

– Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
 Mediation Diploma
– Managing Stress

Plus with lowered deposits throughout December now is the ideal time to pursue a home study course!

Nick Cooper
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