International Day of Persons with Disabilities

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities held on the 3rd December 2011 aims to raise awareness of the problems persons with disabilities faced with in their everyday lives. It is estimated that individuals with disabilities make up 10% of the world population and 80% of these live in developing countries.

However, even where disability laws are in place, their effectiveness can be held back by negative attitudes and stereotypes towards disabled persons.

Because so many types of disabilities exist, understanding them all individually can be a difficult task…but here is your chance to learn more!

If you would like to help raise disability awareness you could train to deliver seminars in this area with NCC Home Learning’s Disability Awareness Training and Development Diploma.

Alternatively you could further your knowledge of Equality and Diversity which is an important aspect of many areas of employment with our home study Equality and Diversity QCF Certificate.

To read more about International Day of Persons with Disabilities click here.

Nick Cooper
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