Early tests show the potential of Autism Drug

Early tests show the potential of Autism Drug

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Autism spectrum disorder is thought to affect around 1% of children. It ranges from mild to severe and symptoms include social problems, delayed language and repetitive movements such as hand tapping.

Although there is no cure for the condition, Autism is mainly treated with specialist education, speech and behavioural therapies.

However a new drug which is currently being tested in the US by the National Institute of Health has found that symptoms of the condition were found to be reduced in mice.

The results to these tests showed an increase in social skills and less repetitive behaviour in animals that were taking the drug.

The findings from initial tests of this medicine are extremely positive although potential medication for use in humans is still years away.

If you would like to learn more about this diverse condition, NCC Home Learning offer a home study Autism Awareness course that is ideal for those simply with an interest in the subject or families and professionals who may work with individuals living with autism.

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