Dementia Awareness Week 2012

Dementia Awareness Week 2012

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Dementia Awareness Week takes place across the UK from 20-26 May 2012.

Dementia Awareness Week is an annual campaign which aims to maximise awareness and understanding of dementia by getting people to ‘remember the person’ behind the dementia.

This year’s Dementia Awareness Week gives everyone the opportunity to increase their understanding of dementia and to get people to remember that there’s more to a person than the dementia they are living with.

If you, like many others during this week, would like to learn more about dementia, consider completing a distance learning programme with NCC Home Learning.

The Positive Dementia Care course explains the facts about dementia and the importance of people-centred care and is suitable for health care workers, family carers or those who are simply interested in learning more about Dementia.  The Positive Dementia Care course will also help students recognise people with dementia as whole individuals, and understand all the needs that sufferers with varying conditions have.

Dementia Awareness Week is backed by the Alzheimer’s Society.  To find out more about Dementia Awareness Week please visit: Alzheimer’s Society

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