The cost of mental ill health rises to a staggering £105 billion per year

The cost of mental ill health rises to a staggering £105 billion per year

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The annual cost of mental ill health in England has soared from £28bn to £105.2bn, according to new research by the Centre for Mental Health.

The economy loses more than £30bn a year from sickness absence and unemployment caused by mental ill health while treating mental health problems costs the NHS and social care over £21bn a year.

However research has shown that most the financial burden falls on patients and families with the total cost reaching £53.6 billion.

Centre for Mental Health joint chief executive Bob Grove said: “Mental ill health carries a heavy cost, especially for those who experience mental health problems and their families.”
“Mental ill health is a fact of life. Every day, one in six of us experiences mental ill health, while one in 100 has a severe mental illness.”

Especially at this time of financial difficulty there is an even greater need for mental health care, particularly in terms of prevention.

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