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Online Learning Stats And Facts 2023

As we have stepped into 2023, Online learning has continued to rise and advance the modern education system. NCC Home Learning has uncovered the facts and stats of online education’s current and future trends, and they will blow your mind! So, Whether you’re an educator, student, or simply curious, join us as we discover the […]

Myers Briggs Personality Types

Have you ever wondered why you behave the way you do or struggled to explain your inherent traits to others? Understanding your personality type can shed light on your unique characteristics and help you navigate various aspects of your life. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular personality assessment tool. It has been […]

Top strategies for memory improvement

When learning, whether it is online courses or qualification at your local college, you will need strategies to help you remember key information and concepts. Having a good memory has nothing to do with being intelligent. Instead, it is about using the right strategies and establishing the best habits for retaining details. In short, you […]

Mental Health In The UK (Infographic)

The statistics reported on mental health in the UK are both frightening and comforting in equal measure.  Those who study online counselling courses and mental health courses will already appreciate the core truth the data reveals: people are not alone in their suffering.  Mental health issues can impact anyone at any time, and we are […]

Evolution Of Forensic Science and Criminology (Infographic)

The history of forensic science and criminology is older than you know.  You might think of it as starting with the CSI series of TV programmes.  The glitz, glamour and intrigue of these programmes might even have pushed you towards researching criminology courses.  However, the truth is that the history of forensic science and criminology […]

Why Are The Oceans So Important

If you are interested in environmental courses, then you will love this infographic which highlights the oceans and their importance to our lives.  Our oceans and seas cover two-thirds of the Earth’s surface. When Sir David Attenborough calls us the Blue Planet, he is accurate.  Seen from a certain distance all space dwellers can see […]

8 Top Winter Wedding Photography Trends

Trends come and go, especially in photography. What are the top winter wedding photography trends this winter? If you are tying the knot this winter, you will be hiring a professional wedding photographer no doubt. But what photographic results do you want? Follow the latest trends… #1 Social media savvy Weddings are full of photo […]

5 Steps to Building a Visually Stunning Photography Portfolio

Portfolios are essential for any creative career. Find out how to make your photography portfolio stand out from the rest. Step 1 – Consider your audience Anyone in a creative industry, photography included, should keep an up-to-date portfolio of their work but that doesn’t mean taking more photos and lumping them all together in a […]

How to Start Your Own Photography Business

Many people dream of being a professional photographer but just how do you get started? We take a look at how to get started in creating a professional photography business that has all the ingredients of success. EVERY business needs a plan No matter what the business, it needs a plan. This means that as […]