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What is a DBS check, and when do you need one?

When you undertake study, such as childcare courses online or a childminding course, you will need practical experience.  If you are going into a workplace that looks after or teaches children, you are going to need a DBS certificate.  You might already have been asked for a DBS and are wondering what it entails.  Here, […]

What jobs can you do with a Level 3 in childcare?

Having worked hard to complete your online childminding courses, you are now focused on getting a job and building a career.  You have already made a positive choice, as you have gained industry-specific qualifications – and this is the best way to progress, guaranteeing your employability.  Most jobs in childcare see these qualifications as a […]

How To Spot Signs of Autism In Children

“Think of it: a disability is usually defined in terms of what is missing. … But autism … is as much about what is abundant as what is missing, an over-expression of the very traits that make our species unique,” – Paul Collins, ‘Not Even Wrong: Adventures in Autism’ Autism (autistic spectrum disorder, or ASD) […]

Paying Grandparents for Childcare In The UK

The vast majority of young families say that their grandparents are their first choice when it comes to looking after their children or other close relatives. If this is a regular occurrence, is paying grandparents for childcare in the UK allowed? Childcare costs are spiralling and with limited financial help available, 97% of families say […]

How to Set up a Childminding Business

If you want to become a childminder, you’ll need to know how to go about setting up your business. Find out the basics of how to become a childminder with our great blog. You can also learn more from our childcare courses. Being a childminder is a fulfilling career choice. If its something that appeals […]

Childcare For Special Needs: Finding The Right Care

As a childcare provider, what can you do to ensure your services are accessible when it comes to providing childcare for special needs children? From interactive learning to more flexible timetables, we cover the basics of offering childcare provision that is truly inclusive. Defined by the Department of Health as a “significantly reduced ability to […]

How Child Psychology is Different to Adult Psychology

A child’s mind works in a completely different way to that of an adult and that means their psychology is different too.  This blog discusses how the approach to child psychology should be completely different from adult psychology. Psychology is a broad term and as such a psychologist, once they have completed standard qualifications, will […]

The Importance of Good Childcare

Childcare is an underrated service, but it is one that is so important to parents and guardians across the world. This blog talks about why childcare is important for both parents and children. It the balance that every parent strives for – work, life and family. On one hand, two incomes are essential in the […]

Childminder or Nursery? Choosing The Right Childcare

Choosing childcare is difficult for any parent. There are various options, with the choice between a childminder or nursery being two of the most popular options. Just how do you decide which one is best for you and your child? Making a decision about childcare needs to be an informed one, based on the information […]