How Can I Study Teaching Assistant Courses Online?

How Can I Study Teaching Assistant Courses Online?

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Teaching assistants are valued in the classroom. They help to stretch and challenge ‘more able and talented’ pupils, as well as working in small groups or an individual basis with those students with additional learning needs.

They provide support to the teacher, as well as helping with discipline in the classroom. It can be a challenging but fulfilling role.

Many schools, both primary and secondary, will look to have a reliable group of teachings assistants or TAs, who can work with different classes and students. However, in recent years, the role of the teaching assistant has been changed.

No longer are they seen as people who clean up once class has finished; they are expected to be interactive during the lesson and as a result, they are expected to have a level of education themselves, as well as a high level of literacy and numeracy. In other words, the modern teaching assistant is expected to have qualifications appropriate to their role.

This means an understanding of their role and their impact in the classroom, as well as holding specialist qualifications or ‘awareness’ training in certain topics, such as dealing with autism, diabetes and other specialisms.

This is why many teaching assistants or potential TAs are turning to teaching assistant courses online – and why they are turning to NCC Home Learning.

Choosing the right course
Choosing the right course from many teaching assistant courses online is essential. If you have no qualifications in this area, we suggest starting with a basic, cover-all qualification that covers the basics of being a teaching assistant in the modern classroom.

This kind of qualification will ensure you understand the role of TA and what you will bring to the education and learning experience of children, both in the primary and secondary setting. Some colleges also employ TAs to work with specific students, supporting them in all kinds of learning environments.


Many schools, both primary and secondary, will look to have a reliable group of teachings assistants or TAs.

Specialist courses can also see you cement this knowledge and make you invaluable to schools and colleges in supporting children or students with specific needs. For example, some children and students can present emotional and behavioural challenges in the classroom; being able to deal with situations in a positive way is important both for the student and their peers.

Why choose to study online?
The advent of the internet has revolutionised all kinds of facets in life, from how and where we shop to how we access learning.

At one time, the only option to learn and seek new qualifications was to attend college or university once you have completed school. This is now no longer the case, with leading online learning suppliers such as NCC Home Learning offering all kinds of study opportunities to a large cross section of potential learners – including you!

There are all kinds of benefits to studying online which makes it suitable for you:

  • Study when you want, when you can and when you learn most – from getting up an hour before work to spending an evening or two each week looking at course materials, you completely self-direct and manage your own study. This gives you the freedom and the flexibility to work and study when you want (or can!) around other commitments.
  • Cheaper – with lower overheads, online learning providers pass on these savings to their students with courses that cost less. In the past, some people have taken this as sign that courses are of lower value than those offered in a classroom setting but this is not the case.
  • Same accreditation processes – we work with a number of accreditation agencies (the organisations who confirm that certain courses meet certain standards) and as such, we offer the same types and levels of courses online that you would find in a college prospectus.
  • Beneficial to your career too – if you are already working as a teaching assistant, you will understand that there is a career ladder for you to climb, including becoming a Cover Supervisor (covering a lesson for an absent colleague) or being an assistant teacher. Studying for qualifications can and will advance your career.

Enrol today – it is so simple!
Enrolling with NCC Home Learning is quick and simple. With a variety of different teaching assistant courses, you will be spoilt for choice but, when you have decided which course is for you, add it to your basket and then follow this really simple enrolment process:

  • Choose whether to access course materials online or receive a paper copy
  • If you choose to pay in instalments, you will need to pay a deposit – and that’s it – you can start studying today
  • You can also choose to pay in one lump sum and start studying today too!

Want to know more about what it takes to become a teaching assistant. Follow out step by step guide.

Nick Cooper
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