Brand New Understanding Substance Misuse Qualification!

Brand New Understanding Substance Misuse Qualification!

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INTRODUCTORY OFFER £309.99: This BRAND NEW fully accredited qualification is designed to introduce the student to a variety of areas related to the use and misuse of a wide range of drugs.

This Understanding Substance Misuse QCF Qualification helps to develop increased understanding of these issues and the possible responses and interventions. The programme aims to:

– Provide a nationally accredited certificated programme in a wide range of substance misuse issues and the variety of responses and interventions available
– Provide a flexible learning opportunity that is accessible to a wide range of learners
– Provide the student with knowledge and understanding that can be used by those who either personally, voluntary or professionally have a special interest in this field.

The programme raises an opportunity for personal development and occupational competence in an area identified by government policy as one requiring special attention. The overall Government’s policy is laid out in ‘Tackling Drugs to Build a Better Britain 1998’ and the ‘Updated Drugs Strategy 2002’. This programme should contribute to the strategy through an educational model.

The qualification has been mapped to the Drugs and Alcohol National Occupational Standards (DANOS) and the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework. It helps people to develop their knowledge, skills and competence in the following DANOS units:

AA1 Recognise indications of substance misuse and refer individuals to specialists
AB2 Support individuals who are substance users
AB5 Assess and act upon immediate risk of danger to substance users
AD1 Raise awareness about substances, their use and effects
AF2 Carry out assessment to identify and prioritise needs

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