Brand New Course – Understanding Epilepsy

Brand New Course – Understanding Epilepsy

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This Understanding Epilepsy course aims to build on your understanding of what it means to have epilepsy and your caring experience.  The course will suggest lots of ideas about how you can help people in your care who have this condition.

The programme is suitable for staff working in hospitals, care homes, day centres, and in people’s own homes.  This is reflected in the words used to refer to the people receiving care; ‘patient’, ‘resident’, and ‘client’ are used.

The Understanding Epilepsy programme is at Level 2, the equivalent of GCSE or ‘O’ Level. This programme is divided into 12 modules, each covering a different aspect of the condition of epilepsy.

There is an activities booklet containing the activities you need to complete successfully to pass the course.  These are marked by a tutor, who will give you written feedback on your assessments and also give you support and guidance. Each module is assessed by a module assessment, so there are twelve assessments in total. There is more on this in the next section: ‘Introduction to Distance Learning’.

Each module of the Understanding Epilepsy programme begins within an introduction, and states the learning outcomes for the module.  Learning outcomes are statements explaining what you will understand or be able to do by the time you have finished studying each module.  You will see that the assessment questions are closely linked to the learning outcomes.  You can check whether you have met the each learning outcome by successfully completing the associated assessment questions.

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