How Is Suicide Impacting The UK?

How Is Suicide Impacting The UK?

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The challenge facing individuals today is never more starkly represented than in the mortality rates due to suicide.  The loss of one’s loved one to mental ill-health is too many.  With the lost potential, the lost future, comes a sense of hopelessness and guilt.  Family and friends are forever left wondering if they had done everything possible to save this life.

As our infographic on suicide shows, the extent of suicide in society extends well beyond the isolated case.  Whether it is the increased pace of life, the 24/7 pressure of social media or the constant aspiration for more, there is a significant percentage of people who feel they cannot live any longer.

Although no one can guarantee that mental ill-health won’t strike, forewarned is forearmed.  You can seek to educate yourself on the signs and symptoms that show a deteriorating mental wellbeing.  You can learn what it means to help yourself and others who may be struggling.  Taking one of the many mental health courses available could be your route to taking control

It may be that this knowledge and understanding could give you more insight into the experiences of others.  You may struggle to appreciate what it means to be depressed, or anxious, or compulsive, or one of the many barriers that block people’s way through the day.  You may understand all too well, having suffered yourself.  Then, to educate yourself is to understand the underlying cause of your issues and give you the power to make the changes for yourself.

The infographic not only shows how much of a problem suicide is for society and the individual, but it also offers advice on what to do in a crisis.  It may be that you need support, in which case you have a resource that tells you what to do right now.

How Badly Is Suicide Affecting This Country Infographic

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