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Redundancy Process Guide

Nobody wants to be made redundant. But when they are, it catches them almost completely by surprise and they usually don’t know what coping with redundancy means, as that is often the most important ‘next step’ i.e. the redundancy process. This article explores the redundancy process, how redundancy works, some of the redundancy reasons, and […]

Maintaining wellbeing at work

Employee health and well-being in the workplace is crucial in cultivating a healthy, constructive and, most importantly, happy workforce. Experts have noted that mental health-related illnesses can cost companies up to £45 billion a year. Therefore, it is paramount that workplaces receive better support to help manage the general well-being of their employees[i]. We’ve put […]

How To Improve Employee Productivity

If there is one thing that is vital for a successful business, it is that the staff are motivated to work hard. After all, it is the effort put in by all these employees which will have an impact on the service that the customers at the end of it all will receive. Employee productivity […]

6 Necessary Skills To Manage A Team

Do you have the necessary skills to manage a team? When things go wrong in business, the buck, so they say, must stop somewhere. And it is usually the manager or leader of the company who should answer the tough questions. It is not acceptable for any manager to pass the buck, blaming team members […]

Why Running a Business is Far More Than a Role of the Dice

Running a business takes time, commitment, energy, passion and skills. Not one entrepreneur started their business with every single one of these business skills nailed. Many had never interviewed a prospective employee; let alone how to run payroll, understood pension provision and the tax system. They may have had scant knowledge on how to market […]

2 Simple Staff Engagement Ideas

Hiring staff, retaining key people and skills within your business can be a nightmare scenario. For any business, a high turnover of staff spells disaster – not only will it be costing you money continually advertising for and hiring new people, but it will also be sending the wrong signals to potential candidates. A company […]

3 Simple Steps To Become A PA

Every boss needs a personal assistant to support the work that they do thus, hiring a personals assistant or PA is often key to running a successful office and business. If this is a career you would like, then follow these three simple steps on how to become a PA.