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Is Online Learning Effective: 12 Reasons Why It Is Effective

Since 2020, eLearning has transformed the educational landscape, offering a flexible, accessible way to learn that caters to a diverse global audience. Nevertheless, over four years later, is online learning effective still? At NCC Home Learning, we have learnt a lot about how online learning courses operate, and how they have transformed the learning techniques […]

The Importance of Learning in Retirement

Many people associate retirement with leisure and relaxation, a reward for decades of hard work. Yet, it also presents a unique opportunity for intellectual and personal growth…  Recent research sheds light on the profound benefits of continued learning in retirement, not only as a pursuit of hobbies but as a vital approach for maintaining cognitive […]

15 CV Writing Tips: What Makes A Good CV?

A “good” CV or a “nice” CV no longer cuts it. To really stand out from all the other candidates, you need a “great” CV and that’s precisely what we have in store for you with our CV writing tips and tricks, and more! What is a CV and what makes a good CV? We […]

Teaching Assistant to Teacher

At this time of the year we are always looking at whether we are satisfied with our lives and what we can do during the upcoming year to improve things for ourselves and our families. It is a great opportunity to evaluate job satisfaction, and possibly think about taking that step to begin to work […]

How to become a child psychologist – an NCC learner’s experience

  At NCC, it’s important to us to celebrate the achievements of our learners in their educational journey, whether it’s advancing academically, transitioning careers, or simply enjoying the process of learning. We aim to inspire others by showcasing what is possible and by sharing real-life experiences from the journey. Elaine explains how she has been […]

How to Get Into Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is a wide, popular industry that is forever growing and expanding in terms of opportunities. For those that are interested in city life, a holiday by the sea, or even a cruise to voyage across the world, there is truly something for everyone. In this article, you will learn everything that there […]

How To Change Careers For A Fresh Start

Are you tired of being stuck in the same job? Do you feel like a career change is the right option? We have the advice just for you! Whether you’re looking to switch careers at 30, 40, or 50, in this article, you will learn how to change careers. We’ll explore the reasons for changing […]

Different Communication Methods: How You Can Learn to Communicate Better

The right form of communication can help people to develop better skills in the workplace. No matter whether you’re communicating with colleagues, interacting with clients, or leading a team, the ability to convey ideas clearly and connect with others is important for developing your communication methods. In this article, we will explore different communication methods, […]