Becoming a Teaching Assistant in the UK

Becoming a Teaching Assistant in the UK

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Teaching assistant courses are advertised in the local press and on-line. Some schools hold a list of potential candidates, which they use when they are searching for new teaching assistants. To get on these lists you need to send your CV to all individual schools. Make sure you send out an updated copy of your CV as you gain qualifications or experience that is more relevant.

For some TA1 positions, you do not need any qualifications, but you should be aware that these positions are rare. If a school has a choice between a candidate with teaching assistant qualifications and one without, they will choose to employ the person with the qualification.

Anyone who works with children must not have a police record or be on the sex offenders list. If you are offered a teaching assistant position, you will only be able to start work once the school has received clearance from the CRB – the criminal records bureau.

Whilst searching for a teaching assistant position there are some things that you can do to make yourself more attractive to employers.  Volunteer to work with a children’s charity or as a teacher’s helper. This will give you experience of working with children, which is really important in showing that you are a serious candidate for a teaching assistant job.

Talk to those that have already qualified to see if it really is the right career choice for you. In addition, read some of the many books on the subject. A good selection of these books can easily be brought on-line. Of course, working as a classroom assistant is a great way of deciding whether it’s a full time career choice for you. Being a teaching assistant is a demanding career choice so it’s important to be sure it’s what you want to do. During the interview process this question is always ask, so you need give a convincing answer.

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