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Following NCC’s research and development, next comes the print process. NCC provides our print partner with the content in order that they can produce an electronic draft for NCC to review. Simultaneously, our marketing team will commence promoting through the NCC Home Learning website and communicate appropriately with NCC’s external Digital Agency to ensure that the product is made available to as many interested parties as soon as possible after the print becomes available.

Each of NCC’s learning resources contains feedback documents to enable our learners to communicate any identified/potential issues back to us. NCC welcome comments, even not so favourable ones as long as they are constructive, as they help us to improve the content of our learning programmes. A great deal of NCC’s programmes are sold to Further Education Colleges and we receive valuable feedback from both tutors and learners at many campuses throughout the UK. From all of this comes a policy of continual improvement. We understand that our programmes are not always perfect but we strive to make them more so with every adjustment and amendment. We use a print on demand solution and therefore do not need to carry large stock levels so appropriate updates and changes can find their way into our workbooks within days.

NCC Home Learning also regularly contact leaners (monthly) who are engaged in the learning process to assess how they are progressing and to review whether they have any concerns with the learning resources they are using. Feedback from the telephone reviews are discussed at NCC’s monthly quality assurance meeting and any observations passed to the programme development team for research, consideration and implementation as appropriate. Once updated, new programme resources then undergo the same print process as mentioned above.