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English Skills Diagnostic Test

The purpose of this short online exam is to give you an idea of what level your current English skills are at. This will help you determine which level will be most suitable for you.

There are three different courses that we offer including: basic, intermediate and advanced. Once you have completed the exam, we will provide you with a score and a programme suggestion based on this.

Learners have the option to complete a diagnostic test which involves a short online exam. This test will provide learners with an idea of what level your current skills are at. You will be provided with a breakdown of what questions you got both right and wrong, which you may find useful.

To begin the test please login in here!

Username: english
Password: Password1

The exam results will give you a breakdown of what questions you got right and wrong. It is useful to reflect on this, because the questions run in level order. Therefore if you struggle with many of the first 9 questions, for example, but still achieve a high enough score for an intermediate course recommendation, it may still be advised to complete the Basic English skills course. Do not hesitate to contact NCC Home Learning for more advice regarding this. We advise that you don't use any reference materials such as a dictionary or thesaurus during the exam.

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