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NCC’s programme development team have a significant amount of experience within education and training, and, over the years, have built up a bank of professional and reliable authors to produce NCC’s learning programmes. NCC has access to many experts in many fields, from areas as diverse as Asperger’s Syndrome to weight management. These authors help NCC to develop courses that are useful, exciting, interesting, understandable, accessible, and relevant. Many of our authors also become tutors who can help students further with their insightful feedback to learners’ submitted work.

Once a programme title is commissioned for development, the NCC programme development team will monitor progress of the author’s work, agree timescales for achievement of the project and start the ball rolling with the appropriate Awarding Organisation to ensure that accreditation of the learning programme is achieved in a timely fashion. Each programme will undergo a series of checks and balances during the development stage before being assigned to a proof-reader. Once the proof-reader has marked-up the programme with suggested changes and the changes have been approved, it is over to the formatter to complete the finished article. The whole process from completing the research, writing the programme, proofreading and formatting can take up to six months depending on the programme area and the complexity of the content.

There is also the possibility that that a development project requires an editor rather than an author, NCC frequently review their portfolio of learning resources to ensure that they remain up to date with the latest legislation and Awarding Organisation standards. A learning resource will last a maximum of five years before it will require a complete overhaul, however, they can be updated more frequently depending on feedback from leaner and tutors alike.

At any point in time, NCC are working on approximately fifteen to twenty programme development projects.