Hi, I’m Nick! I am a certified writer for NCC Home Learning, and have been producing in-depth and resourceful articles for their blog for over five years. Since I began with the brand in 2018, I have been extremely passionate about writing ‘How-To-Become’ guides for different career sectors, and I love hearing back from my audience about how helpful my content has been towards changing career paths.

  • Experienced writer.
  • Career adviser.
  • CV distributor.


  • I have produced a plethora of articles for NCC over the last few years that spans a wide range of topics, from education, to career advice and progression.
  • I’m committed to continuous learning, and am always eager to explore new topics and share fresh insights with my readers.
  • I want to empower people of all religions, cultures, and age groups to reach their ultimate potential and find the career that’s right for them.


  • I am very tech-savvy, and I like to stay up-to-date with the latest trends surrounding technology as well as education and career activities for all generations.

Contact Details:

Email: marketing@nccresources.co.uk