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Counselling courses online, available here at NCC, are ideal learning material for people with a keen interest in the subject matter or even those already in the industry and wanting to extend their knowledge.

A career in this industry is suitable for any individual who enjoys helping people and who can emphasise with others in order to support them.

Counsellors usually work on a one-on-one basis with an individual in order to support them during difficult periods or medical conditions. They usually do not give direct advice to their client but rather support them to make their own choices and improve their quality of life.

Usually a counsellor would specialise in a certain type of counselling, drawing on their own life experiences and knowledge to better understand their client. Examples of types of counselling include debt management, substance misuse, bereavement and relationships.

The main skill a counsellor needs is the ability to listen so it is essential that a counsellor has a good knowledge of communication both verbal and physical.


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